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How much space do I have for my mail messages?

Answer - It depends on the package your ISP provided you.

What is the largest size file I can send via email?

Answer - 25MB

Why is my mail grouped together by a sender?

Answer - This is called conversation view and is the default setting.  To display each email individually simply click the on the top right and then click by message.

How do I create a signature?

Answer - From the main screen, click on Preferences (located near the top on the left).  Select Signatures from the column on the left.  Select New Signature.  You can change the font or add symbols with the navigation bar.

What is the briefcase for?

Answer - The Briefcase is used for storing documents and or pictures.      

How do I add a contact?

Answer - From the main screen, click on Contacts.  Just below from where you clicked on contacts, click New Contact.  Complete the appropriate fields.  Once you are done click save in the upper left.

What is the Preferences for on the navigation bar?

Answer - Preferences is where a lot of the administration functions of the email are.  For example if you would like to import or export your contacts or calendars, set up filters, create an away message and many more.

What is a Zimlet?

Answer - Zimlets are add-on applications that enhance the functionality of your mail program. Your ISP may or may not provide this functionality.

What are tags?

Answer - are a personal classification system for mail messages, contacts, tasks and appointments.  You can tag as many messages as you want and you can apply multiple tags to the same mail message and contacts.

How do I send an attachment?

Answer - Compose an email.  Simply click on the word attach (under subject) or click the    small triangle for options within the mail client

Where did my draft go?

Answer -  If you create an email and do not save it as a draft, it will auto save it and link it to your navigation bar.  Simply click the title (test) or hit the x to delete it.

How can I adjust the view of the client?

Answer - To change the view, simply click on the in the top right corner for different options.